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That beer tastes like

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Well that plan went down like the syndromeMegaAwful
Jackers 22%
Well that plan went down like a lead balloonMegaAwful
Kevin 0%
Well that plan went down like Donkey kongMegaAwful
Joe 0%
Well that plan went down like HellMegaAwful
Mary 0%
Well that plan went down like a prostitute with braces.MegaAwful
Aer_illustration 22%

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 2019-05-30That beer tastes like...View all submissions (0)
 2018-10-29Well that plan went down like...View all submissions (13)
 2018-07-04Watching England in a penalty shootout is as tense as...View all submissions (3)
 2018-04-16Banged a $10 hooker 2 weeks ago and now my genitals looks like...View all submissions (4)
 2017-07-23If I was a hitman I would be deadlier than...View all submissions (15)

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Well that plan went down like the syndrome
Well that plan went down like a lead balloon

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Spent five minutes outside today and now I'm wetter than a cucumber in a womens prison
No way could you do that. You've got more chance of being deepthroated by a nun
Mr. Porky98%
That drunken text was a worse idea than doing a 500ft bungee jump with a 600ft bungee
If I were a spy I'd be as subtle as a fart in a library
That guy? He's about as manly as graham norton holding a strawberry cornetto....
tommy fletch96%

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