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Well that plan went down like

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Well that plan went down like a lead balloonMegaAwful
Kevin 0%
Well that plan went down like Donkey kongMegaAwful
Joe 0%
Well that plan went down like HellMegaAwful
Mary 0%
Well that plan went down like a prostitute with braces.MegaAwful
Aer_illustration 22%
Well that plan went down like the worm in the tequila bottle.MegaAwful
M 0%

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Well that plan went down like a prostitute with braces.
Well that plan went down like Hell
Well that plan went down like Donkey kong
Well that plan went down like a lead balloon

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Spent five minutes outside today and now I'm wetter than a cucumber in a womens prison
That drunken text was a worse idea than doing a 500ft bungee jump with a 600ft bungee
Where did you learn to cook? This tastes like you didn't listen.
If I were a spy I'd be as subtle as a fart in a library
That guy? He's about as manly as graham norton holding a strawberry cornetto....
tommy fletch96%

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I live here myvidster gay "People were very hopeful. And, on this side when Obama became president. But there's always been a frustration - bad luck, bad timing, sabotage oMalcomClick here to view post
Do you need a work permit? 14yo The owners of TDF, which provides services for broadcastingand telecoms companies, had aimed to raise at least 4 billioneuros to help repay debts of 3.SterlingClick here to view post
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