megaphoresMetaphors and Similes never looked so good

If I'm going to do this I'll need more balls than the creators of Megaphores when they see that we haven't got a new sentence start today!

Author: Useless!

Rating: 78%

Megaphore of the day 2011-03-14


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A thousand apologies Megaphorians, the days just go by too fast and we forget how many we have left in the queueMegaphores
Congratulations on being our daily winner on 11.03.14. Your gifts of respect, salutations and reverance are on their way.Megaphores
You can't be that sorry! I'm craving a new start!Miffed
Apologies, Mark has been working on a new layout and logo and Dave has been stacked out as marketing manager, so we keep forgetting to updatMegaphores

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