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You know you got dealt a bad hand in life when you come second to me.DW MegaAwful
Hitting that perfect shot in golf is like .... Don't ask me. I'm shit at golf!MegaAwful
I'm so short sighted I thought this was my google search bar.DW MegaAwful
I visited the very depths of hell and it was like Asda on pension day.MegaAwful
This swimming pool contains so much chlorine it's like swimming in domestos.MegaAwful
My Bi-Polar friend is more up and down than a bridegrooms bum.MegaAwful
I care as much about you as I do about my foot fungal infection, Bobby.MegaAwful
Just ran over my cat and now it's as dead as it should have been the 1st 8 times I ran it over!MegaAwful
A cheese and jam toastie? That couldn't be worse if you Added Marmite!MegaAwful
If I walked into a club looking any hotter I'd be cool.MegaAwful
Tried to bully Casey "Little Zangief" Heynes and now I'm The Man!MegaAwful
Been listening to Chris Moyles for 30 hours straight and now I'm thankfully deaf!MegaAwful
If I'm going to do this I'll need more balls than than Lady Gaga.MegaAwful
My phone is so outdated it only has a 3.5 inch touchscreen and OS 2.1!MegaAwful
If I eat any more I'll end up looking like Mr. Creosote.MegaAwful
That guy has the dancing abilities of a me! Poor sod.MegaAwful
That model is so hot I would put her out. She's going to burn herself.MegaAwful
Thank you for your kind invite, but I'd rather cut my knackers off with a rusty saw!MegaAwful
Petrol prices are getting more ridiculous than a bankers bonus.MegaAwful
Where did you learn to cook? This tastes like you didn't listen.MegaAwful
By the time Amy Winehouse is 40 she will look like ....haha.... what am I saying, Amy Winehose 40! Ha ha ...MegaAwful
When the probe was inserted I felt as if mooning the UFO had been a bad idea.MegaAwful
Spent five minutes outside today and now I'm wetter than Edward CullenMegaAwful
Someone took a dump in my shoe and it smells like they may have eaten pearsDW MegaAwful
That joke made me laugh so hard I almost Thought it was funnyMegaAwful
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