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Just gave 9 pints of blood in one sitting and now I feel like a pepperamiMegaAwful
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Losing a fight to Justin Bieber would be like buying a Fleshlight Junior and finding that you still don't touch the sidesMegaAwful
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It contains about as much bacteria as the cup in the critically acclaimed 2 girls 1 cupMegaAwful
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It contains about as much bacteria as an out of date YakultMegaAwful
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Warning: German beansprouts may be deadlier than turning up to a EDL march in a BurkaDW MegaAwful
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My sense of smell is so good I can smell an amoeba fartMegaAwful
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Have you met my friend Jesus? He's much cooler than my other friends, Yoda and the Tooth Fairy MegaAwful
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Just downed 10 slush puppies and now I feel like I've just been DDT'd through a frozen lakeMegaAwful
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Made in Chelsea is more cringeworthy than a happy clappy team building exerciseMegaAwful
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That BBQ smells so good it's like this roadkilled skunk is being cooked by Michel Roux, Jr.MegaAwful
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You're such a noob you couldn't even play Tetris without getting fraggedMegaAwful
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I haven't seen anything that disfigured since I was a judge at the Miss Chernobyl competitionMegaAwful
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I hate being the passenger when my wife drives. She drives like the car will blow up if we go over the speed limitMegaAwful
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When engaged in hand to hand combat there's nothing more humiliating than remembering that you are only a black belt on Tekken 3MegaAwful
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I understand the AV voting system about as much as I understand why Adele's music is so popularMegaAwful
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You call this torture? You might as well prop my eyes open with matchsticks and force me to look at Katy Perry's boobs all day longMegaAwful
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I care as much about you as I do about global warmingMegaAwful
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You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals so let's do it like Gran and Grandad showed us when they bought the Karma SutraMegaAwful
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The Royal Wedding would be infinitely more interesting if coverage was sponsored by AnusolMegaAwful
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If Paris is the city of love then Hull is the Chlamydia capital of the worldMegaAwful
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A cheese and jam toastie? That couldn't be worse if you threw in some olivesMegaAwful
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A spider just landed on my face and I screamed like I'd been kicked in the grapefruits by Mirko CrocopMegaAwful
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Spring has sprung, the daffodils are out and I feel gayer than the time Elton John sang "Are you ready for love?" and I said "Yes I am!"MegaAwful
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It's times like this I wish I was good at coming up with MegaphoresMegaAwful
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My new armour offers me about as much protection as a pair of Adamantine nipple ringsMegaAwful
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Used Veet instead of shampoo this morning and now I'm as bald as Justin Beiber's ballsackDW MegaAwful
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For missing the sentence start again the creators of Megaphores are sorrier than someone who looked at Chuck Norris in the wrong tone of voiceDW MegaAwful
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So tonight I'm gonna party like it's free Ecstasy and glowsticks nightMegaAwful
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I couldn't be happier if I was on a Prozac drip with a Nitrous oxide maskMegaAwful
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I forgot to buy milk so my pancakes ended up stodgier than the waste from a liposuction clinicDW MegaAwful
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When I was a teenager I had more spots than Mr BlobbyMegaAwful
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My phone is so outdated it came out as a revolutionary alternative to cups and stringMegaAwful
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Getting dressed in the dark is more of a struggle than fighting my way out of this paper bagMegaAwful
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That guy has the dancing abilities of a person with an inner ear infectionMegaAwful
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That joke made me laugh so hard I almost parpedMegaAwful
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Waiting for Andy Murray to win a grand slam is like fapping until you are just about to splooge and then stoppingMegaAwful
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I wish I hadn't had that curry last night. My anus feels like I just shat a brickMegaAwful
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