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After losing to Jedward at Eurovision, Blue must be subjugated to a series of more embarassing scenarios as punishment. Oh wait...MegaAwful
Been listening to Chris Moyles for 30 hours straight and now I'm putting my shin on a belt sander and laughing maniacallyMegaAwful
That hemorrhoid cream is more effective than GleeMegaAwful
That guy has the dancing abilities of a any white person?MegaAwful
That model is so hot I would LOVE to paint herMegaAwful
Forgot to buy a Valentine's Day card and now I'm in more trouble than a cojoined twin with a homosexual, S&M loving brotherMegaAwful
When the probe was inserted I felt as if Rupert Murdoch thought I was a new Sky 'journalist'MegaAwful
That joke made me laugh so hard I almost had to suffocate a kitten to restore my equilibriumEP MegaAwful
If I was on Mastermind I would look dumber than Andy Gray facing Germaine Greer in a live, televised debate. With microphones.MegaAwful
It's so cold outside. If my nipples were any harder I'd be able to type sentences properlyMegaAwful
It's so cold outside. If my nipples were any harder they'd grow themselves a beards, wear lumberjack shirts and fight crimeMegaAwful
This toilet tissue is so soft it's like an England defence in a world cupMegaAwful
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