About Megaphores

Hello and welcome to the internet’s newest sensation - Megaphores! A place where your imagination and sense of humour are allowed to roam wild and free over the beautiful, rolling landscapes of the English language, Megaphores is a place of innovation, creativity and laughter.

What is it?

Megaphores is a user driven site based on the endless creativity, humour and imagination available with metaphors and similes in the English language. Created by Mark and Dave Langdale, Megaphores is designed to constantly encourage the use of every ounce of the human capacity for innovative word play we possess.

How it works

Every day there will be a new Megaphore uploaded to our homepage, which consists of the start to a sentence, for example:

“Today is nicer than”

These starts could be general, topical or just plain random. It is then up to the user to finish this sentence using either a simile or a metaphor to form a completed Megaphore, for example:

“a box of freshly picked apples.”

These could be funny, ridiculous, intelligent, creative or anything the user can think of. These are then rated by other users (each user is allowed 1 vote every five minutes) as liked or disliked. The completed Megaphores that are rated the highest will appear on daily, monthly and even all time leaderboards. Those that are rated the lowest may end up in the graveyard, where they will be incinerated.


Megpahores depends on your votes as much as your submissions. To vote simply click either Like or Dislike next to the entry you wish to rate. If enough Dislikes are attributed to a submission it will be sent straight to the graveyard, so any you don't think are funny or are too offensive, make sure you have your say. Alternatively the more Likes a submission receives, the higher chance it has to enter one of our leaderboards. It could even be yours. So don't forget to vote and help make Megaphores the vibrant, dynamic and user controlled community it should be.

The rules

There aren’t many rules for Megaphores, but those that exist are applied to protect users from abuse, targeted or indirect, and anything that may cause more than an acceptable level of offence. We reserve the right to immediately, and without warning, delete any Megaphore that breaks these rules, or that we deem to be inappropriate. IP addresses of offenders may be blocked or banned, either for repeated rule violations, or at our discretion.

  • No Megaphore will be allowed that directly insult a particular person, by name or any other method that allows a user to be identified (celebrities not included).
  • No Megaphore will be allowed that is overtly racist in any manner.
  • No Megaphore will be allowed that directly or indirectly advertises other websites, products or services.
  • No Megaphore will be allowed, and the user will be banned for life, if any website or instructions allude to anything illegal.

While we discourage the use of excessive profanity, sexual connotations and unimaginative celebrity abuse, we feel confident such Megaphores will be sent swiftly to the graveyard and, as such, will not directly restrict them.

Contact Megaphores

If you would like to contact us with any queries, suggestions, bug reports or anything else please email [email protected]