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Midweek television has gone downhill faster than Roger Rabbit, on a banana skin, pushing Baby Herman's pram down the appartment steps in Toontown
JVQ | 21/01/2011 | Permalink | MegaScore: 91
Ricky Gervais' Golden Globe performance was typical and therefore bound to offend most A-listers who are far used to being universally 'adored'
JVQ | 20/01/2011 | Permalink | MegaScore: 66
This toilet tissue is so soft it's like a lovely fluffy cloud, gently soaking up the pee and associated toxic substances from your bum!
JVQ | 21/01/2011 | Permalink | MegaScore: 55
I play World of Warcraft so much I have PTSD
JVQ | 02/10/2011 | Permalink | MegaScore: 55